The New Kangoo E-TECH On the road price after PiVG Starting From £28,891
Kangoo E-TECH

The Renault KANGOO has been specifically designed with your needs in mind, whatever your business environment. With panel vans, crew vans and fully electric versions, the KANGOO can be adapted to your every demand, offering you a wide range of tailor made and practical solutions.

Here at Renault, nothing is more important to us than your safety and comfort which is why our range of driving assistance systems is more innovative than ever and most come as standard on all our vans!

Renault has developed clever solutions to increase practicality whilst improving safety. KANGOO has optimal visibility and ergonomic controls which create a car-like driving position.

Your 100% controlled driving range

KANGOO Z.E. has 143 miles(1) of driving range in actual use thanks to its lithium-ion Z.E. (33 kWh) battery. The 44 kW power unit offers a torque of 225 Nm and optimum driving comfort. A range of on-board technologies, such as regenerative braking (the battery recharges when the accelerator pedal is released or when the brake pedal is pressed) or the Eco mode (less abrupt acceleration and maximum speed of 50 mph), help optimise your driving range. You can charge your KANGOO Z.E. in just 6 hours with a 32 A/7 kW Wallbox. The recharging flap located on the nose of the vehicle, is easily accessible.

(1) Real-world driving range greater than 75 miles including the most severe use (high load, city centre driving with frequent stops and winter conditions). Actual consumption also depends on the equipment, the driving style of the driver and the elevation profile of the route.

1. Regenerative braking. The battery recharges when you take your foot off the accelerator or when you press on the brake pedal.

2. Low consumption tyres. Their low rolling resistance contributes to conserving your driving range without degrading your road-holding or braking ability

3. Eco mode. When you activate this, you reduce the power output of the vehicle so that you can travel further (less abrupt acceleration and maximum speed of 50 mph).

4. 7kW charger. Recharge the battery in just 6 hours with a 32A/7kW Wallbox. The recharging flap located on the righthand side of the cab, is easily accessible.

Driving range

KANGOO Z.E. is now available with the Z.E. Battery giving a revolutionary WLTP* range of 199 miles (city cycle) on one charge, meaning range anxiety is a thing of the past. With real life estimates of 124 miles in summer and 75 miles in winter** the KANGOO Z.E. is able to get you wherever you need to go with less need to recharge on the way, saving you time and money

WLTP range* Combined cycle (miles) WLTP range* City cycle (miles) Summer (+20°C) Winter** (-5°C) Cost in Pence p/per mile† Cost per full recharge
143 199 124 75 Less Than 4p Less Then £5

Top tip: Need an extra boost to get home? The KANGOO charges 15-21 miles on just an hour of charge.

*What is WLTP and why the real-life range is similar to it? Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures (WLTP), this new homologation protocol gives fuel consumption and driving range results that are much closer to real life conditions figures than the NEDC protocol. While the old NEDC test determined test values based on a theoretical driving profile, the WLTP cycle was developed using real-driving data, gathered from around the world. WLTP therefore better represents everyday driving profiles.

**Why is the range reduced in winter? Like all batteries, those in Z.E. vehicles are less efficient in cold weather than at warmer ambient temperatures. This means that you can expect a reduction in the range of your Renault Z.E. in the winter. Also, in winter you are more likely to use the heating, which means KANGOO Z.E. consumes more energy.

Type of charger Where to use it Power required Charging times (0-100%)
Home (3-Pin Plug Cable)* Home / Office 2.3kW/10A 17 hours Occasional slow charging
Home / Office 3.3kW/14A 12 hours *Requires additional purchase of a EVSE cable
Wallbox/Public Charging Point Home / Office / On the go 3.7kW 11 hours Leaving the KANGOO to charge overnight on a 3.7kW charger
Home / Office / On the go 7kW 6 hours ensures that it will be ready for when you to begin your next day
Public Charging Point On the go 22kW 6 hours A standard charging time of 6 hours means your vehicle is ready
On the go 43kW 6 hours to go when you are.

† Less than £5 full recharge cost based on 6 hours of 14.4p per kWh (Source: UK Power) Full recharge of the 33 kWh battery (1) For illustration purposes only, may not reflect real-life journeys.

KANGOO i Z.E. - Battery Purchase

• No on-going monthly payments, just one simple payment.

• No mileage limit in the battery contract.

• Battery guarantee of 5 years / 62,000 miles, whichever comes first, this includes the battery performance guarantee to at least 70% of its original capacity.

• Roadside assistance, breakdown only