The New Renault Scenic E-TECH 100% Electric Available To Order Now! Starting From £37,495
Renault Scenic E-TECH 100% Electric

Renault have reinvented the car for life and living, designed to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your whole family. It is easy to find your way with the openR link system with Google integrated and more than 50 apps. In terms of driving, the 100% electric powertrain offers a driving range of up to 379 miles. Packed with performance, responsiveness and innovative technologies.

The new electric platform has a built-in battery and very low centre of gravity. Combined with the up to 220 hp electric motor , this helps Scenic E-Tech 100% electric drive smoothly and efficiently.

With its electric motor producing up to 160 kW of power, the equivalent of 220 hp, Scenic E-Tech 100% electric delivers dynamic and responsive driving on every journey.

The sharp steering - the wheels are set back to the four corners of the body - and controlled chassis movement, ensure agility and excellent road-holding. You control your driving.

The Scenic E-Tech 100% electric platform, with its longer and wider wheelbase, offers greater stability and driving comfort. Inside, passengers enjoy more interior space with the flat floor and excellent cocoon-effect soundproofing (insulation technology between the battery and the passenger compartment that dampens vibrations and driving noise, patented by Renault).

With its own dedicated platform and innovative solutions, Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric combines driving range, pleasure and performance.

Its electric powertrain, which is designed without rare-earth metals, is made in France. The vehicle benefits from a production ecosystem based in Europe.

Scenic E-Tech 100% electric can be charged using AC or DC power, a domestic socket or a fast-charging point.

With a driving range of up to 379 miles.

Get Mobilize Power Solutions to fit a charging point in your home. And to charge easily when you are travelling, order your Mobilize Charge Pass free of charge.

Scenic E-Tech 100% electric redefines driving pleasure with its sharp, precise steering, reduced weight and low centre of gravity, all of which contribute to its dynamic performance.

Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric’s modular CMF-EV platform and its innovative configurations, offer a weight optimisation and a very low centre of gravity. This gives you a more dynamic and responsive drive.

Scenic comes with a choice of battery depending on your needs. The comfort range (60kWh battery) has up to 260 miles range, whereas the long range pushes boundaries even further with a driving range of up to 379 miles. Perfect for all kinds of journeys.

Precision-modelled, the two-tone body features generous curves and sharp edges. Attention to detail, flush door handles and the use of recycled and bio-sourced materials make this an unprecedented SUV.

The front end features a new grille and a full LED light signature with half-round daytime running lights.

At the rear, chiselled lights, body creases and the Scenic monogram reinforce its distinctive style.

Spread over two 12" screens, the openR gives the driver a high performance, high-definition interface. Controls found on the steering wheel add ease of driving.

The structure of the dashboard is made from 80% recycled material; up to 100% of the textiles used upholstery made from recycled materials.

(depending on version. the seat fabric varies by version: up to 100% recycled seat fabric on techno, up to 99% recycled seat fabric on esprit Alpine, up to 87% recycled seat fabric on iconic).

Charge Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric easily thanks to its fantastic AC charging capability of up to 22kW, which is relatively unique across the market and charges the battery to 50% in just over 2 hours.

At home, charge Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% Electric easily with a ‘Smart’ wall mounted charging station from Mobilize Power Solutions.

Manage your range at any time, start charging remotely or schedule it at off-peak times.

Convenient charging from home. Install a Mobilize Home Charger at home. Simply book a home survey and installation through your Jaybee Motors & Mobilize. Mobilize’s team of experts will install before your new Renault Scenic is delivered.

For longer journeys, recover range more quickly with up to 150kW DC fast charge.

Mobilize charge pass:

Make it easier to charge on the road and pay less. Charge your Scenic quickly and easily on the move with a pass to Europe's largest charging network at attractive rates.

Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric comes with a mode 3-type cable for use with at home or public charging point.

public fast charging station public charging station domestic charging station reinforced domestic socket
DC 22 kW AC 7.4 kW AC 3.7 kW AC
cable attached to station mode 3 cable included with purchase mode 3 single-phase cable included with purchase standard mode 2 or flexi-charger cable as an accessory
87 kWh battery for a range of up to 379 miles 87 kWh battery for a range of up to 379 miles 87 kWh battery for a range of up to 379 miles 87 kWh battery for a range of up to 379 miles
15 to 80% → 37 min 15 to 80% → 3 h 15 to 80% → 8 h 27 min 15 to 80% → 17 h 51 min
60 kWh battery for a range of up to 260 miles 60 kWh battery for a range of up to 260 miles 60 kWh battery for a range of up to 260 miles 60 kWh battery for a range of up to 260 miles
15 to 80% → 32 min 15 to 80% → 1 h 50 min 15 to 80% → 6 h 01 min 15 to 80% → 11 h 36

The range of up to 379 miles is the result of innovative research and development, Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency with its weight distribution, optimised energy management and aerodynamic design.

Depending on powertrain, the platform houses either a 60 kWh battery and a 125 kW electric motor, or a 87 kWh battery and a 160 kW electric motor for a WLTP range of up to 379.

The lines of the 100% electric Renault Scenic E-Tech have been designed to maximise its range: a low, compact car, a front grille with optimised air intake, sculpted rear flanks, flush handles and aerodynamic aluminium wheels.

Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric comes with a heat pump as standard, combined with a thermal management system for the battery and engine. This automatically regulates battery and engine temperature, and ensures the thermal comfort of the passenger compartment whatever the weather.

Thanks to the use of recycled aluminium, the vehicle is one of the lightest in its category from 1,757 kg.

Depending on the type of road over which the vehicle is travelling, the driver can choose from four levels of regenerative braking via the two paddles located behind the steering wheel. This way, every time the vehicle brakes, energy is recovered and its overall range is improved.

    Scenic Techno From £37,495
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