The New Alpine A110 San Remo 73 Starting From £77,990
Alpine A110 San Remo 73

The A110 San Remo 73 takes over from a legendary vehicle, which consecrated Alpine for the first time in the World Rally Championship. In 1973, the Alpines dominated with four victories after nine rounds of the World Rally Championship.

The Berlinettes were among the favourites in round 10 in San remo, which featured some of the same roads shared as the Monte Carlo Rally, making it a mix of surfaces favorable to the Berlinettes, not to mention their power/weight ratio advantage.

On the Italian roads, the n°1 Alpine completed the first leg with a more than five-minute lead thanks to a risky but successful tyre strategy.

With a deficit of more than nine minutes to the leader at the start of the second leg, the n°5 Alpine set the best times, stage after stage, to finish 3rd overall behind the Fiat 124 and the n°1 Alpine, which won the Sanremo Rally by more than six minutes. Round ten sealed the manufacturer's world title for Alpine.

The iconic Blue, White, and Red livery with its black and white stripes won the world title. This scheme, now iconic, will be reinterpreted by Alpine in 2023 as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of this rally victory.