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Free 25 Point Visual Safety Check

Let's be honest, we all know as motorists we are required to carry out our own lights and levels checks, weekly or even daily if we are going on a journey, but in reality, who always remembers to do them?

Whilst our 25 point check doesn't alleviate your responsibilities as a driver, what they do offer is a pair of professionally trained eyes looking over all the components that are visible without being dismantled. This checks that key safety related items such as tyres, lighting, windscreen and wipers, braking, oil and fluid levels plus a number of other safety critical components and systems are fully functional.

We operate an easy to understand traffic light system, Green is all good, Amber indicates further attention may be required in the future, and Red is for anything we consider safety critical or likely to cause you a major failure if not attended to quickly.

Any future work identified that can be deferred is advised to you, and we normally recommend another free safety check at a future date to re-check the condition. All work is entirely without obligation, and we do of course offer menu priced quotes for most items.

A sample of a 25 point visual safety check is shown above, and if you would like to book in for a free check, we can do it on a “whilst you wait" basis in about half an hour. Call us, or use the contact form below.