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Duster Commercial Available with 1150 litres loadspace and 550kg payload. From Just £10,095 exc. VAT

Business users will find a warm welcome here at Jaybee Motors, we have great business offers on a range of cars from Dacia, Europe's fastest growing vehicle brand.

Dacia is all about function over frivolity whilst delivering quality at an astonishingly low price. This business model has been the key to Dacia's success in dominating the European Market, and why they were voted the 2nd favourite brand in Europe, just behind Audi, and ahead of both BMW and Mercedes Benz in a survey of German Car drivers by JD Power in 2010.

Great Value is never out of style as a business, and if you value form and function over badge snobbery, you and your business will find Dacia exactly to your liking. Whether you are a business traveller looking to do 20,000 miles or more a year in a purposeful SUV that has 4 x 4 capability like the Dacia Duster, or a driving instructor who needs an efficient reliable and economical car like our New Dacia Sandero, that students will feel at home in, and that can be run very economically we will have a solution to your business need. Perhaps you are a Taxi or Private Hire owner driver looking for the ideal Hackney Carriage, if so the Dacia Logan which meets Cherwell District Council's criteria may be right up your street, and everyone else's too.

Or maybe you are a fleet manager that wants a local car supplier that is as interested in looking after you beyond the sale, as they are when you are buying the vehicle. We have a great Dacia Service department with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff who understand the importance of a vehicle, whatever the make to a business user. That's why we offer whilst you wait servicing, Pit Stop servicing, free vehicle health checks every visit, and Free Wi-Fi in our waiting area. Not only can you catch up on your emails, surf the internet and carrying on working, you can indulge in a proper coffee on the house. We won't tell on you either, if you just want to chill out and read some of our latest magazines and watch the TV.

Whatever your business needs we have a dedicated Dacia Business Sales Executive, Chris Farmer, who can advise you on Dacia Contract Hire, Lease Purchase, Hire Purchase or any other aspect of Dacia business vehicle leasing or purchase. He can also advise you on benefit in kind taxation from everyone's favourite, HMRC.

The whole aspect of driver taxation is quite mind boggling, but we can help you cut through the red tape with helpful advice on what vehicles represent the most efficient way of running a Dacia as company vehicle, so give Chris Farmer a call today, or pop in for a coffee and a chat.