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Air Conditioning Refresh Offer £29.99

Modern vehicle Air-Conditioning Systems are a lifesaver to motorists, offering temperature controlled air that improves comfort, reduces fatigue and improves concentration. However, like any advanced system periodic maintenance is required, and in addition to having the refrigerant gas checked and topped up, there are a couple of other areas that require periodic service and attention.

The Vehicle's pollen or cabin filter should be routinely replaced during the vehicles own maintenance plan, but every year, we also recommend an Air-Conditioning refresh. This involves having the vehicle's Air-Conditioning evaporator and ducts sprayed with an anti-bacterial treatment that removes the bacteria that thrives in the moisture around the system and ducts. You will probably have noticed this, as an unpleasant aroma when the Air-Conditioning is first operated. Prolonged exposure to these bacteria can be unpleasant and even harmful. Fortunately treatment is normally simple and inexpensive.

For Just £29.99 you can have your car de-odourised and smelling as fresh as daisies again.

To book this service, please call or Service Team, pop in, or use the enquiry form below.