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Intens 5dr Auto

NCAP Value: 5 Transmission: AUTO Engine Size:
Emission: Not Available C02:0 Car Tax: £-
Insurance Group: 16E Fuel Economy (Combined): Not Available - mpg

Renault Zoe Electric Banbury

Renault Zoe Electric Oxfordshire

Renault ZOE is the first car to be designed as an all-electric model from conception. A city car ideal for everyday use, it boasts the latest vehicle and battery technology.

Renault ZOE claims six world firsts, designed to make it an easy-to-drive connected car with significant 80 mile+ realistic range. Driving Renault ZOE is a new and enjoyable automotive experience. The wound rotor synchronous electric motor develops 65 kW with maximum torque of 220 Nm delivered smoothly and instantly. ZOE combines strong acceleration and pick-up from the lowest engine speeds with a range of 120 miles over an NEDC cycle.

The Zoe is the fourth electric Renault to arrive – following the Kangoo Z.E. van, Fluence and Twizy – but it’s the most significant so far. It resembles a more futuristic version of our new Clio. It’s been designed from the ground up to be an electric car, and a groundbreaking electric car is what it is.

It’s the first Electric vehicle to feature a ‘Chameleon’ charger, which accepts any level of power input – so charging takes anywhere between 30 minutes from an industrial-spec fast charger to nine hours from a household socket.

Looks wise the Zoe has everything, with LED lights attached to the full face front grill. The ZOE is also a 5 door, but with the sleekness of a 3 door with the rear door handles cleverly concealed. The high tech look and feel of the outside is mirrored on the inside with the R-Link Console controlling the satellite navigation and stereo. There is also a port to connect your Ipod as the lack of ambient noise creates an appealing environment to listen to music. The intelligent on board system also tells you not only your speed, but whether you are taking power out of the batteries or feeding it back to them. Simply revolutionary sums up Zoe, are you open minded enough to consider going all electric?

With its simple and fast charging process, the all electric super mini Renault Zoe is one of the best electric cars on the market.

Connecting to a rapid charge unit means you can charge the car to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes. Now that is fast!

Being an electric car the Renault ZOE is very quiet on the move and omits half the noise of a conventional car. Whilst this is great for the environment and the passengers travelling, it is important to let pedestrians know you are there.

Renault ZOE is equipped with an audible external warning system with 3 different sounds to choose from, letting people in built up areas know you are coming.

One of the great things about the Renault ZOE is you don't have to be in the car to keep an eye on it, all you need is a computer or a smartphone.

Download the ZE App and you can confirm the amount of charge remaining. If you have the my ZE interactive pack you can send commands the car and instruct it to begin charging.

You can even use your remote device to precondition the cabin temperature of the car tailoring it to the weather.

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