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Fiat Punto Banbury Oxfordshire

Switch on to Punto

Wouldn't you like to turn everything boring, expensive and complicated into something fun, convenient, efficient and simple? Today you can, with the Fiat Punto.

Observe its exterior lines - a perfect balance between the characterising elements of its design and constant evolutionary progress – from a new viewpoint. Enjoy state-of-the-art technology that is straightforward to use. Forget boredom with its brilliant engines, and set off: the pleasure of driving a car like this cannot wait.

The best design is one that combines beauty and comfort without being excessively sophisticated or over the top. This is the guiding principle adopted for the trim levels of the Punto range, capable of satisfying both your eyes and your need for comfort on all your trips.

Punto's Engines

Start your Punto and switch on your passion for driving. All the engines in the new range are designed to deliver the best combination of performance and efficiency with low emissions and fuel consumption. This result is achieved by the second-generation MultiJet diesel engine and the innovative TwinAir, the most efficient, fun-to-drive, two-cylinder petrol engine you can imagine.

Start & Stop

This system stops the engine of your car when you are stationary at the lights, or in traffic, and starts it again instantly when you want to set off. The smart alternator automatically charges the battery of your car when you brake to decrease engine load and to reduce fuel consumption.

Fiat Punto 360° View

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