Jaybee Motors All Makes Brake Fluid Change Banbury

Brake Fluid is an important, but sometimes overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance. Most drivers are aware that they need to maintain the correct level that in a sound system only reduces as the wearing components reduce in size, and that space is taken up with the fluid in the system. However, there is another and probably more critical aspect of brake fluid maintenance that arises due to a characteristic of the fluid itself.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it naturally absorbs water from the atmosphere, and over a period of time, that moisture becomes a problem for a number of reasons, but two very important ones are that the moisture can induce corrosion inside the precisely machined metal components of the brake hydraulic system, which can cause premature wear and failure. Secondly, and perhaps most alarmingly, having water in the brake fluid can significantly reduce its boiling point and under arduous braking can cause brake fade and a loss of pedal. The water in effect can turn to steam, and we probably all know a gas (steam) is compressible, whereas fluids are not. The upshot of this could be a potential catastrophic loss of brakes, and a nasty accident.

Fortunately there is a simple and effective alternative, have the vehicles brake fluid replaced at the correct manufacturers interval, or earlier if the vehicle is used under arduous conditions.

The great news is that we can do this on any vehicle that uses regular brake fluid for just £40 inclusive.

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